The project was created to export Made in Italy Food & Beverage to selected target areas, through the use of simple and effective systems (commercial chains).

The formula behind success is simple and comes from the experience gained from years of foreign trade activity.

EXPORTER and IMPORTER are part of the same corporate area, albeit with different company names and national affiliations.

The aim of the chain is to place the Italian manufacturer in the target market so that it becomes a well-known and appreciated brand in the country.

The direct formula eliminates numerous conflicting aspects between sellers and buyers, transforming weaknesses into strengths. The disputes are practically non-existent and the difficulties cultural and legislative are almost zero between the operations of the company in the target country and the corresponding one in Italy.

The direct line that unites, through the Italian subsidiary, the producer to the target market is direct and constant and avoids many problems of development and continuity.






ATLANTE EXPORT is support for the ITALIAN PRODUCER, solves the aspects of product selection, labels in accordance with the target country, initial consolidation for smaller requests, customs documents, transport, product registration in the target country.

ATLANTE EXPORT is the Italian office of ATLANTE IMPORT ITALY in any target country.

ATLANTE EXPORT manages all target countries selected by the manufacturer in a single Italian operating area for the ITALIAN MANUFACTURER.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: to transform the weaknesses of the export sector into strengths.